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Meet the Owners

Louis & Cheryl Falco

Since being in charge of Scooter Haven several years ago, they have always tried to keep the original vibe. Doing necessary upgrades & continuing to do so, they didn't want to change what Scooter Haven started out to be. It's original goal of all members being family, is still felt throughout the amazing establishment. From the pet-friendly environment of dogs, goats & turkeys, there is never a dull moment. Whether you come for the day or come & stay you will be treated as family & you will be back.
Bring Bail Money
The Cashier Might Barter
You're never too
old to play with
blocks @ Scooter
If we don't know,
we'll point you
in the right direction
Never Fear
there's always Beer
Who let these hoodlums in?
ship memories.jpg
Gone but not Forgotten
homemade pool.jpg
We make our own fun!
Sinking Bus becomes Drinkin' Bus
You wanna leave?
Front Porch Stuntin'
We are the G.O.A.T.
party crowd.jpg
Fight for your Right to Party
Get here however you can!
bikes flag.jpg
Proud to be an American
Here at Scooter Haven we are proud Americans, enjoying the pride of the South. Just good ole folks in a family atmosphere where you can kick back & be yourself. As long as you're respectful, you can enjoy your life the way you want. Stay for a day, stay for the weekend, stay Forever! Enjoy our charitable events so we can keep helping this community & so many organizations that count on us. They can count on us because we can count on you. Stay in a cabin, bring your RV, stay in a tent, sleep in the bed of your truck. We have room for all. Enjoy life in several acres of open forest area. Or enjoy a burger & fries by the outside stage to live music. Country activities & country livin'. A place you'll truly never forget.
Top it off with some Pool & Live Music in the Clubhouse
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